About Porsché Simone


We strive to consistently deliver chic/stylish pieces and provide impeccable customer service to ensure that no customer is left behind.

Porsché Simone is the style of choice for the vivacious, trendy, chic and sexy woman who expresses her own versatility through fashion. As an online fashion brand for women located in Houston, we have two primary concerns: One - To consistently deliver chic pieces with exceptional quality. Two - Provide impeccable customer service with timely responses to ensure that no customer is left behind.

When Porsché Simone first formed, it came from the difficulty of finding the few-and-far-between boutiques that sourced timeless pieces and provided exemplary customer service at the same time.

As a woman with an eye for certain looks and graceful pieces that compliment a woman’s body and capture attention, it was important for Porsché to create this store with notable, quality clothing and provide customers the same quality customer service offered by big brands who care about their customer's feedback and responses.

Have a question? Want to pass along feedback for our team? Please feel free to use the contact form below to forward any and all requests. We're happy to help!